Public Company Academy™

The purpose of the Public Company Academy™ is to present new information to facilitate an understanding of how we got here and how to move forward with an economic solution. With so many economic difficulties facing various nations and their citizens, there is a huge need for an academic understanding of how value is created by the generic public company.

The following excerpt from The Capitalistic Renaissance sums up why there is a need for new information helping the average person and the expert see that we all stand at the threshold of an economic solution.

We did not know how to make capitalism universally accessible where all consumers are directly included in the value creation process. This absence of universal inclusion in the capitalistic process is exactly where we went wrong in the past. Our reliance on credit by a hybrid of capitalism to drive consumer demand took us off course, bringing us face to face with the biggest economic problem of our time: the exponential increase in debt.

Members of Equity Score® LLC will receive new information from this Public Company Academy™ in the weeks and months ahead. This information will validate the important step our members have already taken by joining the Equity Score® Network.

Until such information from the academy becomes available, members and visitors are invited to look at the huge difference between two simple calculations.

Another link that will give you plenty of food for thought is a commentary on the white paper The Untaxing of the United States of America.