Capitalistic Renaissance     14: Product Equity Value©

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The ubiquitous solution to debt is called Product Equity Value© or “PEV” because all sales by a public company cause the creation of equity that can only be attributed to the purchasing activity of consumers. It is the individual self-interest of utility and PEV for the consumers that replaces credit-debt with equity-value.

Consumers receive two values: the utility value of the product and the Product Equity Value© inherent in the product in the form of what appears to be free shares. The shares are actually not free because the consumer’s cash purchases cause a chain of events showing up as earnings, rates of return, and dividends that drive share prices.

Membership in the social network at† is available to anyone interested in discussing the debt problem and the solution. This forum welcomes the exchange of ideas and the proactivity of anyone seeking to play a role in the solution. The debt problem is so serious that an academic attitude to the solution is not enough. With understanding comes responsibility.

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