Capitalistic Renaissance     16: Unqualified middlemen

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Citizens do not normally see that some elected politicians are middlemen of various stripes having the same narrow self-interest of promoting their own welfare. It is these unqualified middlepersons who create new codes in economic law, infiltrating consumer wages with the “silent interest” of taxes and fees. Economic law is not natural law. Economic law is man-made.

Man-made law should aid natural law. It should stimulate commerce and economic exchanges rather than place citizens regardless of race into an economic slavery more insidious that a Mississippi plantation.

With Keynesian economics the consumers are slaves to credit and middlemen governments who make economic and financial decisions for the consumers. The more consumers use credit and rely on middlemen to make their investment decisions for them, the more indebted they become.

The more consumers use PEV©, the greater their direct automatic individual savings. In PEV© economics, consumers are liberated by the equity of “pure all inclusive capitalism” and Adam Smith’s “liberty.”

We now have the formula that is more ”efficient in creating automatic equity value and savings for consumers each time they shop.”  This reality in economic terms is called a “new consumption function” where “consumption is now a function of Product Equity Value©.”  This function shows the automatic increases in equity value each time a consumer purchases from new public companies.

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