Commentary on The Untaxing of the USA

The author of The Untaxing of the United States of America identifies the “$300 billion tax on the profits of U.S. public companies as the suppressor of their market values by $10 trillion, causing the U.S. Treasury to lose $3.5 trillion in tax revenue.”

In plain english, Uncle Sam is collecting $3 in taxes when he could be collecting $35 and leaving you the taxpayer alone. There would be no need to tax your wages or salaries if Uncle Sam only taxes your capital gains and the capital gains of many more people.

True Capitalism includes everyone. If a public company’s revenue comes from its customers, it’s only natural to include customers in the public company’s ownership structure. Customer participation in the public company’s equity will increase the number of shareholders in the order of millions of people.

The issues of unemployment and unsustainable government debt are more effectively addressed when there are more people with ownership interests in public companies. Having more shareholders means there would be more taxable capital gains to increase Uncle Sam’s tax revenue. But before this can happen, economic policy makers and experts in government and academic circles should “understand the economic harm that has been done by the direct tax on public company profits and the direct tax on the wages or salaries of the citizens.”

Capitalistic equity for the few and socialistic debt for the many is not true capitalism. One doesn’t need an economics degree to appreciate the all-inclusive nature of “True Capitalism” as explained in this white paper. Whether you are an expert or novice, you will appreciate that equity is more powerful than debt.

After defining “True Capitalism,” the white paper presents the Katchings Two Laws (or Theorems) of Capitalism. A thorough understanding of Capitalism is essential because “most law makers and financial people are not consciously aware that without the public company, there is no concept called Capitalism and there is no public company to produce multiple taxable values.”

The paper gets very technical by exposing a flaw in the Modigliani-Miller theorem and examining the negative influence of the Laffer Curve on tax policy. The numbers also reveal the consequences of Chief Executive Officers with outlandish pay packages and Chief Financial Officers who fail to return more dividends to their shareholders.

Statements such as “equity is more powerful than debt” will not remain abstract for long. At Equity Score® LLC we have applications ready for introduction in the marketplace. You will inevitably learn more about the power of equity as you reap the financial benefits of your increasing Equity Score®.

On behalf of all the members of Equity Score® LLC, we invite you to join us. This white paper, The Untaxing of the United States of America, gives us the road map of where we are going. The implications of a realistic tax policy that benefits everyone and our Equity Score® business model that brings equity value to our members are simply astonishing.

May you own more and owe less.

Equity Score® Team