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Paul Douglas Katchings is a highly-valued mathematician who has developed three Economics Concepts: Product Equity Value© (PEV), Virtual Management Team© (VMT) and Solar Cycle Budget© (SCB). These three concepts along with the scientific capitalistic formula X=(A*B/Y)/C (also known as the Value Creation Formula©) constitute the 4 cornerstones of the Free-PEV© (Free Product Equity Value©) Business Model.

During his tenure as Chief Accounting Officer at Bank of America, he was responsible for balancing the daily transactions of all bank branches in the Southern United States and interfacing with the Federal Reserve. He headed a data processing department of 400+ accountants & technicians who executed various tasks to fulfill this responsibility.

After several decades – spanning forty-five countries – of training, teaching, and researching in the areas of accounting, economics, mathematics, and biophysics inside and outside academia, he could not help but note the reoccurrence of the number four throughout nature and across all academic disciplines that has yet to be correlated. There is a reason for asking the following questions:

  • Why do we have four states of matter in Physics?
  • Why do we have four blood groups in Hematology?
  • Why do we have four phases to sun spots in Helio-physics?
  • Why do we have four factors in Economics?
  • Why do we have four nucleotides in Genetics?
  • Why do we have four elements necessary for Organic Chemistry?

In attempting to find out exactly why capitalism has been so maligned and entangled with debt, this investigator found the order of four as a structural blueprint for capitalismʼs vehicle — the public company. In March 2010 he wrote The Capitalistic Renaissance, a white paper that examines the debt problem and presents a new economic reality requiring the formation of thousands of new customer-centric public companies.

He is currently in India, advising entrepreneurs on the need for India to accelerate the formation of new public companies. The Untaxing of the United States of America and Growing the Ghanaian Economy are two more white papers he recently authored in February 2012 and November 2011 respectively. Both documents explain the need for more public companies in both countries and the resulting boost to their national gross domestic products. He also provides invaluable consulting advice to the management team of Equity Score® LLC.