$1-a-month brings you to a
New Climate of Opportunity

Hawaiian Seas

After the storm comes the peace and calm where new waves of opportunity are forming. So catch the new tide of management consulting and jobs.

We are bringing new ideas and companies into our Equity Score® Network where your spending builds your safety net and increases your Equity Score®. All these companies look first to members (or teams of members) of our network to handle various functions and management consulting projects.

From the wide variety of needs in the marketplace, we have listed nine categories of needs with various products and services designed to meet these needs. The categories are:

  1. Housing
  2. Transportation
  3. Food
  4. Insurance
  5. Education
  6. Financial Services
  7. Communications
  8. Entertainment
  9. Health

No doubt, there are more categories. However the management team of Equity Score® LLC has identified these nine categories for our members to receive a lot of real value from various products and services in these chosen categories.

Whenever you spend your money inside our network, your Equity Score® will increase. As an automatic co-owner of the companies inside our network, you will reap the dividends of your various ownership interests. You will find more options available for you to manage (or even eliminate) your debt.

Your equity holdings are more significant than your debt holdings. Click here to learn more about how your Equity Score® works for you..