Teams of Professionals

Professionals are invited to form or join a Virtual Management Team© (VMT©).

NOTE: Any inquiries from India will be directed to the local Indian tie-up with Equity Score.

A VMT© is a structured team of 31 professionals or knowledge workers. The team structure is designed to meet the needs of 21st-century companies. VMTs provide management consulting services or other professional services to their company clients. These teams bring more value to our Equity Score® network and the companies who join our network.

Companies joining our network are required to establish a contractual relationship with a VMT©. They are also organized – in some cases, reorganized – for the delivery of free ownership interest to Equity Score® members.

Any Equity Score® member buying products or services from these companies receives an ownership interest in these companies. More ownership interest means a higher Equity Score® for the member.

Companies are also required to follow a four-part budget called the Solar Cycle Budget© (SCB©). One part of the SCB© is for Labor which covers the salaries of company employees (Equity Score® members receive priority for these jobs). Another part of the SCB© is for Expenses which includes management contract expenses payable to the VMT© (whose members will earn a monthly minimum of $6,500).

Virtual professional teams become the solution providers of choice for the companies in our Equity Score® Network because the VMT© structure brings more value to these companies at lower cost and less overhead. Companies may contract with more than one VMT©. An agricultural company, for instance, would use three teams for management consulting, website production and farming consulting.