Your Equity Score®

Your Equity Score® measures the financial value of your holdings in any company connected to our Equity Score® network. When Equity Score® members purchase the goods or services from a company connected to our network, they also receive an ownership interest in that company.

The differences between your Equity Score® and your credit score are big. Your Equity Score® measures how much you own. Your credit score measures how good you are at paying back what you owe. A large Equity Score® means you own a large value of assets. But a good credit score has almost nothing to do with your wealth.

Let’s say you buy a box of chocolate from ABC-Chocolate, Inc. for $10 and the company makes a $1 profit on your purchase. You have no claim to the profit because you are not a company shareholder. Even ABC-Chocolate shareholders may not get a dividend from the $1 profit if the company uses the $1 profit for other things.

What if this company is publicly-traded and gives back all the profits to its shareholders? The $1 profit from your purchase would increase the company’s market value by $39.68. But you still wouldn’t get to share in the value created or the profit generated at ABC Chocolate. This has been a problem until now.

The solution lies in the Equity Score® Network. If ABC-Chocolate, Inc. joins our network because the company is looking for customers, then it must share free ownership with its customers who are Equity Score® members. This requirement is included in its management contract with a Virtual Management Team©. Our network enables you to share in the value created at ABC-Chocolate.

Your purchase of goods or services from companies connected to our network has a positive impact on your Equity Score®.