How Equity Score® works for you

Our network will include new limited liability companies (LLCs) that by law are required to give back 100% of their profits to their members. All these LLCs are setup along a proprietary business model where 46% of ownership interest is reserved for members who buy the products or services of these LLCs.

Your Equity Score® is pushed higher as you and other members make your purchases at these LLCs. Obviously, your Equity Score® is also affected by the public demand for your ownership interests in Equity Score® LLC and other LLCs where you spend your money. Your Equity Score® is calculated in dollars and measures the value of your financial holdings in any of these companies that are connected to our Equity Score® Network.

When you join our network, you become a member of Equity Score® LLC with free units of ownership interest in Equity Score® LLC. Your free ownership should not be construed to be an offering of any kind. Your invitation for membership in the Equity Score® network is not an offering for publicly-traded stock.

Our members subscribe to a notification service that informs them when a company joins the Equity Score® network to give them free ownership in exchange for their purchases of the company’s product or service.