Owning more and owing less

We own the things we buy. Sometimes we get our money back if the product does not meet our expectations. Sometimes we save with discounts or promotions.

But what if we owned more than just the product? And what if we received a dividend each year?

Equity Score® LLC is building a network of companies. Free ownership interest in these companies is set aside for Equity Score® members. Our members are notified when a company joins our network and is ready to give an ownership interest to the members who buy its products or services.

Our business model and a practical proposition for lower taxes are explained in The Untaxing of America: how taxing capital gains ends the taxation of wages, salaries and profits. This white paper calculates how much more tax revenue Uncle Sam would collect if this was done uniformly, especially on the corporate level. The resulting increase in tax revenue would practically eliminate the need to tax individual wages or salaries.

Equity Score® members own more than what they buy.