Our Business Model

What matters most is how much earnings is produced when the number of customers and the expenses are known. Equity Score® LLC was established with this end in mind.

The combination of Virtual Management Teams©, the Solar Cycle Budget© and Product Equity Value© brings unique value to Equity Score® members.

Virtual teams of 31 people provide companies in the Equity Score® network with management consulting and other professional services at a lower cost.

The Solar Cycle Budget© of Equity Score® LLC allocates 37% of small capital contributions from 14 million members for labor costs and other expenses. The remaining 63% goes to earnings.

Product Equity Value© was discovered after applying the Scientific Method and certain principles of Physics to the Public Company. If the average dividend yield for public companies is about 2.5%, then each $1 of earnings produces $40 in equity value. The Public Company Academy™ explains this calculation of equity value with more details.

Your Equity Score® is projected to go higher when you spend your money with companies in our network. These companies are required to set aside at least 46% of ownership interest for their customers who are Equity Score® members. Regardless of the product or service you buy, this free ownership has a positive effect on your Equity Score® and your personal savings.